Panoply consultants is a new shooting star in the field of investment consultants , our team of expert investment advisers  have years of experience in the field of financial instrument trading , stock market trading , commodity trading in MCX and NCDEX.

We also specialize in spot trading and currency market trading. Our team of technical analyst and fundamental analyst from different financial sector expand your service product range.

We also have a dedicated team of financial planner who understand your financial need and help in fulfilling them. Our experience in the financial sector has helped us develop specific trading tools which is our key for consistent good result.

The enormous team of experts have helped us develop  trading education course  which is made using extensive market research, trading strategies , financial theories and most important practical application of the  studies which make the learning experience one can relate to profit  trading in any given  financial product.


The company was  formed on 17th June 2015  with the view  that the people who have the misconception that trading  and  investment is  only for  people  from  commerce background.  We want every individual to explore the possibility of investment and trading skills that can be used in daily life. Self-empowerment of every individual through financial knowledge is what we strive for.


After observing the financial market from inside we have understood that the financial knowledge is not that difficult to understand but the knowledge  is not passed on to masses so that they can use it. We want everyone to imbibe this knowledge so that you can have financial freedom. Panoply was formed with the view that every one can benefit from the knowledge we have gathered over the years.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”
Even though it seems to be a distant dream that everyone has financial freedom still it is a dream worth living for.
We wish to create nexus of elite trainer’s ,traders , financial consultants who would put the client interest first before there  own interest and help everyone meet their financial goals.


Our goal is to be the one company where every one can solve there financial problems, learn the art of trading and use the modern day technology for there financial benefit.

The CIN of the company is U74999MH2015OPC265678.
Fmc registration no. – Ncdex – ncdex/tcm/corp/0142 and mcx/tcm/corp/0425
Membership no./member id – ncdex – 00132 and mcx – 10080
Registration code of the authorized person – Ncdex – 101778 and mcx/AP/55330