At Panoply Consultants our clients can trade in domestic commodity future market. Energy, Metal, Agriculture are few of the sectors in which you can trade.

Low brokerage rates and excellent customer service is our goal.

We recognize that choosing the right broker is an important decision that is why we strive to offer the best possible service at the lowest brokerage. We understand that you are looking for a broker you can trust.  That is why we offer you trading account with India’s leading broker.

Real time trading graph is the key for every successful trader. If you are an intraday trader real time graph is the life line for your successful trades.

We not only offer trading platform  which give you the access to real time graph but we also provide customized real time graph loaded with customized indicators  which will help you trade better.

We are dedicated to help you 24*7

Whether you’re new to trading or an experienced trader,  we can offer all you need for profitable trading.

As your true friend we also provide you free trading indicators which are specially  customized  to  help you trade  better.

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