June, 2016

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it seems the global market has take the shock as the vote is for  BREXIT.

While the whole world was pleading UK not to exit EU the citizens of UK had something else in their mind. In the most crucial democratic vote of the decade the people have decided to exit European Union.

As the market across the globe tumble the bad new keeps rolling. In the press interview Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would resign and the nation has to find a new captain to lead the nation.

The whole world is trying gauge the damage done, it is far too early to predict how things will turn out for UK. After the UK referendum the other nations are also trying to follow the similar footsteps. Scotland also demanding for referendum followed by France and the Dutch.


As it is to early to predict Who is going to staying in EU and who will not. The move made by UK is surely the start which would be followed by other nations. Only time will tell, when?

Most of the news are still focusing on the European market , the Asian market are showing signs of distress.

Nikkei 225 (Jun 24) 14952.02 -1286.33
Straits Times (Jun 24) 2734.97 -58.88
Hang Seng (Jun 24) 20259.13 -609.21
Taiwan Index (Jun 24) 8476.99 -199.69
KOSPI (Jun 24) 1925.24 -61.47
Shanghai Composite (Jun 24) 2853.63 -38.33


Indian markets printed a low . NIFTY is 220 points down and SENSEX  is 700 points down at the time for writing the article . In a press interview RBI governor Raghuram Rajan promised  liquidity to support absorb the shock on currency market.

Chasing the gold: As the uncertainty in the market persist the hunt for Gold has begin. Gold rallied for 1250 to 1370 still showing strength for upward direction.

No matter what he the future hold for the UK now it is evident that The European union has to hold the door for other nation or else the dominoes effect will begin and lead to greater disaster for EU.