January, 2016

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Technical levels for majors 15/01/2016.

As the oil continues its down side and still under heavy pressure there is a increased risk in the market for the stability of oil price, to top the further fall in oil price a surplus supply form Iran.

No the other hand a threat of global recession is mounting as most of the country’s are showing signs of slow down.

China is adding fuel to the fire with the market in red zone investor are forced to shift the investment to other safe heavens.

As the US market is till pushing higher and US Dollar continues to be dominant in the currency market.

every want to see how the coming US date unfolds .

Date to release today US Core Retail Sales m/m,Producer Price Index (PPI) and Advance Retail Sales.


Technical levels for EUR/USD and GBP/USD are as follows.


S3:  1.0742 S2:  1.0769 S1:  1.0796 R1:  1.0905 R2:  1.0932 R3:  1.0959



S3:  1.4271 S2:  1.4307 S1:  1.4342 R1:  1.4430 R2:  1.4466 R3:  1.4502


Trading range for majors 11/01/2016.

A very strong NFP data 292K which was more than what the market expected had the market pulse moving, bashing pound to the low of 1.4506. As Eur/Usd did manage to recover for the day loss and closing the event at 1.0921.

Further weakness in pound the expected till 1.4300 levels but he key focus would be on Wednesday event where the decision for the change in interest rate could effect the trend.

Following are the key technical level to lookout for:


S3: 1.0739 S2: 1.0766 S1: 1.0792 R1: 1.0931 R2: 1.0958 R3: 1.0985



S3:  1.4374 S2: 1.4410 S1:  1.4446 R1:  1.4587 R2:  1.4623 R3:  1.4660


NFP in focus 8/01/2016.

The Non-Farm Payrolls which show employment changes across 10 private labor market sectors is watched closely by markets eager to gauge the health of the economy. Investors are well aware that the Fed’s policies in the coming months will depend on significant indicators like labor market data and inflation report. Robust non-farm data signals tightening of the labor market which in turn signifies a strong economic outlook.

If the December non-farm payroll data is stronger than what is being expected then the possibility of the Fed raising rates for a second straight time in end January will increase.

Technical levels for majors.


S3:  1.0798 S2:  1.0825 S1: 1.0852 R1: 1.1023 R2: 1.1051 R3: 1.1078



S3:  1.4450 S2:  1.4486 S1:  1.4523 R1:  1.4633 R2:  1.4669 R3:  1.4706



S3:  0.9794 S2:  0.9818 S1:  0.9843 R1:  1.0006 R2:  1.0031 R3:  1.0056

Technical update for 7/01/2016.

After the hint given by FED for successive  rate hike in the year 2016 would have  dovish impact on US dollar.

A dovish rate hike is what the market is expecting but for now there are trading opportunities which we have to consider.

Outlook for today is for long position on EUR/USD, GBPUSD, EURJPY.



S3:  1.0697 S2:  1.0724 S1:  1.0751 R1:  1.0836 R2:  1.0863 R3:  1.0890



S3:  1.4502 S2:  1.4539 S1:  1.4575 R1:  1.4657 R2:  1.4694 R3:  1.4730



S3:  126.19 S2:  126.51 S1:  126.82 R1:  128.01 R2:  128.33 R3:  128.65

New year full of big trades 6/01/2016

The year 2016 is about to change some major direction in the market.

Last year was full of ups and downs.

naming a few key events like CHF -rate change which shocked the market.

china changing there trade policy, ECB changing there deposit rate and US much awaited rate hike.

these where the few key events changing the market. it was observed that there was lot of divergence in the market where the currency pairs where operating in different direction.




This is one of the few currency pairs which has good potential for upside.

Long term position should be considered for buy and buy on dip would amplify the profits.

targets for the currency pair would be given in further posts.



gbpusd jan 2016

Pound trading at low near 1.4650 trying to test last year march low of  1.4567.

although the pair is at the support are but it seem to be trading in box for quite a few years now.

as major change in financial policy is what is need to break though this  box rage.

pound feeling the pressure as the economic data continues to weaken and much pressurized by US dollar demand.

trading levels for cable would be given in the next post.